Lio – You Make Me Happy

June 12, 2011

So it’s been a tough week. Maybe a couple of tough weeks. My wife asks, “You want to watch a soccer game tonight?” and we open up the dinner trays and start up one of the Barcelona games we’ve recorded.

In no time at all I’m mesmerized by Xavi to Messi to Iniesta to Villa to Messi to Pedro to Alves to Messi to Xavi to Busquets to Messi to Villa to Xavi to Messi. You get the idea. The ball moves. The players move. The other team – they run around, but they can’t get their foot on the ball. And Messi, he’s just a joy to watch. Soon, I’m relaxed. Before long, GOALLL! And I’m happy.

Messi. Twinkle Toes. Two wonderful links to document his genius: “Lionel Messi – Boy Genius” (NY Times May 21, 2011) and “The Feet Continue to Dance – A (YouTube) Tribute to Lionel Messi


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