Remember Chen Wei, Ding Mao, Li Hai, Wang Lihong

June 4, 2011

22 years ago soldiers in China’s People’s Liberation Army opened fire on unarmed fellow citizens in Tiananmen Square in Beijing and elsewhere around the country. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of peaceful Chinese citizens were killed.

22 years later, China refuses to discuss the matter and imprisons those who question official accounts of what happened.

China can claim one of the greatest cultural heritages in human history. Its contributions to human civilization are unquestioned. But what is the state of Chinese civilization today? Can a growing economy excuse a withered spirit? Can material goods justify the taking of human life? Does a civilized country imprison its citizens for simply daring to speak?

Please read Amnesty International’s June 2, 2011 public statement, “China: Tiananmen, 22 years on, the repressive patterns continue”.

Chen Wei, Ding Mao, Li Hai, Wang Lihong must not be forgotten.


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