Make me one with everything …

December 23, 2010

A few summers ago, the UU’s came to Portland for their national get-together. I rather enjoyed the sight – imagine Woodstock stripped of hippies and re-populated with K-6 teachers wearing their work clothes.

I did experience a brief moment of alarm during their visit, however, when I joined a group of UU’s at a downtown lunch counter and overheard one say, “Buddhists have no sense of humor. They never laugh.” I was just getting started with meditation at that time and my mind reeled, “What? A life without laughter? Is that where I’m headed?”

Fortunately, I discovered that Buddhists do laugh (although I have to admit that the “mindful tone” of the typical dharma talk can make me wonder about this). Here’s a wonderful bit of Buddhist humor concerning financial meltdowns, oil spills, and the universal nature of all that is:

Goldman, BP, Claim Mahayana Rights – NEW YORK (June 30, 2010)—Goldman Sachs today petitioned the Federal District Court in Manhattan to be exempted from the financial regulations recently passed by Congress, on the grounds that they are an infringement of the firm’s religious freedom to practice accounting using Mahayana Buddhist principles. According to a statement issued by the firm, “Rather than being forced to use Western mathematical principles of commutativity, distributivity, and associativity, we assert our constitutional right to calculate financial instruments using Mahayana mathematical principles of non-duality (1+1=1), interconnectivity (1=2=3=4=5=6=7=8=9), and heart-sutrivity (1=0, 0=1).”

To read the rest of this “news” item, including BP’s leap onto the Mahayana bandwagon, click here. And for additional humorous awakenings from author P.B. Law, click here.


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