Barca 5 – Real 0

December 1, 2010

Back story: We became “rabid” Barcelona fans about 4 years ago … shortly after the 2006 World Cup, I discovered that several of my favorite players – Ronadinho, Zambrotta, Deco, … – were all playing for Barca. Then I read the club’s story in Foer’s “How Soccer Explains the World” and that signed the contract for me. All I had to do was persuade daughter #2 to read about the team (she was already a big Zambrotta fan) and Barca became a family passion.

Which brings me to yesterday’s El Clasico against Real Madrid. We had already been treated to several victories over Real Madrid in the last two years, but the Guys In White arrived at Camp Nou yesterday (Nov 29) in first place, with no losses in La Liga, the top scorer in the league (Cristiano Ronaldo), and supposedly developed to the point of perfection by their manager, “The Special One” (Jose Mourinho). I was hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst …

I needn’t have worried. Email from daughter at 2:11 PM PST (Nov 29): “LA BLAUGRANA!!!!! GOLLLLLLLLLLL! CINCO CINCO CINCO!” So the Madrid “fairy tale” will have to be rewritten. Barca started scoring at the 10th minute (Xavi) and kept right on scoring into the 90th (Jeffren).

My daughter bought me a Barca jersey 3 years ago as a Christmas gift, but the holidays are coming. Maybe it’s time I returned the favor?

After El Clasico, Nov 29, 2010


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